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Key Definition of Key by Merriam-Webster.
4 a: a part to be depressed by a finger that serves as one unit of a keyboard also: a representation of such a key such as a space delineated on a touch screen Tiny keys on your iPhone's' screen can be difficult to hit accurately.
Biome Keys The Official Terraria Wiki.
On the Desktop version, Console version, and Mobile version, each key has a 0.04 1/2500 0.04% chance of dropping from an enemy in the key's' respective biome. On the Old-gen console version and 3DS version, they are not dropped directly and must be crafted from Biome Key Molds.
KEYS also provides instruments for students to use while enrolled in the KEYS music program. KEYS offers one-to-one instrument lessons at 25 Bridgeport schools, organizes group music programs and workshops, runs a non-audition orchestra, two bands, and chorus at Bridgeports Klein Auditorium, coordinates summer programs, and partners with several non-profit organizations, reaching a population of over 650 Bridgeport students each year.
Keysight Technologies Inc. KEYS Stock Price, News, Quote History Yahoo Finance.
Research that delivers an independent perspective, consistent methodology and actionable insight. KEYS: What does Argus have to say about KEYS? KEYS: Raising target price to 116.00. Keysight Technologies to Showcase Test Solutions for Automotive, Communications and Industrial IoT IIoT Markets.
key Wiktionary.
The keys of a musical keyboard. The key of a map. A telegraph key. Received Pronunciation enPR: k, IPA key: /ki/. General American IPA key: /ki/. IPA key: ki. Homophones: cay, quay. Etymology 1 edit. From Middle English keye, kaye, keie, from Old English c, ce, cga key, solution, experiment whence also Scots key and kay key, of uncertain origin. 1 Related to Old English cggian to lock, shut. The only sure cognates are Saterland Frisian Koai key, West Frisian kaai key, and North Frisian kay key. Possibly from Proto-Germanic kgaz, kguz stake, post, pole, from Proto-Indo-European og, eg, egn branch, stake, bush, which would make it cognate with Middle Low German kk whipping post, pillory, and perhaps to Middle Dutch keige javelin, spear and Middle Low German keie, keige spear. For the semantic development, note that medieval keys were simply long poles ending in a hook with which a crossbar obstructing a door from the inside could be removed from the outside, by lifting it through a hole in the door.
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With Keys for Kids devotions, you'll' learn more about God's' love every day! Read or listen to a fun story and hide God's' Word in your heart with the Key Verse of the day. Keys for Kids Spanish. Get Keys for Kids.
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You can't' shrink the number of buckets allocated for the hash using keys in this way but you needn't' worry about doing this by accident, as trying has no effect. keys @array in an lvalue context is a syntax error.

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