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Lock and key Wikipedia.
Modern key cutting replaces the mechanical key following aspect with a process in which the original key is scanned electronically, processed by software, stored, then used to guide a cutting wheel when a key is produced. The capability to store electronic copies of the key's' shape allows for key shapes to be stored for key cutting by any party that has access to the key image.
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Key Definition of Key by Merriam-Webster.
extremely or crucially important key issues a key moment in the game a key member of the staff. keyed; keying; keys. Definition of key Entry 3 of 7. 1: to lock or secure with or as if with a key: fasten: such as.
Wat zijn digitale sleutels? CSAM.
Deze zijn dezelfde waarmee u ook zou aanmelden via een digitale sleutel die gebruikersnaam, wachtwoord en een beveiligingscode vereist. Voor sommige online overheidsdiensten kan u zelf een digitale sleutel gebruikersnaam" en wachtwoord" registeren zonder dat u een eID nodig heeft.
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Key Wikipedia.
Amazon Key, a service by Amazon allowing customers to get deliveries inside of their home or car. House of Keys, the directly elected lower branch of Tynwald, the parliament of the Isle of Man. Samara fruit or key, a type of fruit.

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